Category: vector

Rainbow tile patterns

User our colorful vector graphics on your next graphic design project or print media. These tileable graphics are perfect to call attention with vibrant colors. Rainbow colors are often used to display children themed designs or happy moods. These free tile backgrounds can be used as subtle backgrounds as well as attention-calling designs. These cools decorative patterns can be used for a variety of projects, including:

  • kid-theme designs and wallpapers
  • Happy moods and bright emotions
  • banners for fun activities or rainbow birthday themes
  • Pride and Love celebrations, including parades or parties
  • Trendy and symbolic backdrops and flags

Atoms, Molecules and Particles patterns

Create your next experimental project using these molecule backgrounds. These tileable graphics can be used to represent a futuristic feel and communicate a microscopic idea. Atom and particle images are often used to represent health or medicine concepts. Also used in communication and biological and chemical projects. Easily manipulate these vector images and make them your own. Rotate or adjust graphics or complete change the color-scheme to personalize your atomic designs. Other ideas to use these seamless graphic include:

  • Background for pharmaceutical, biological or medical websites
  • Represent a concept or futuristic and cyberspace at a micro or atomic level
  • Abstract ideas like intelligence, DNA, formulas, evolution and structure
  • Communicate science and math subjects, including technology, chemistry, bio, physics and biotechnology
  • Can be used in student projects like science projects or research papers

Arrows and pointers seamless patterns

Sometimes arrows can help represent abstract ideas like direction, forward, backward, action, progression, increase, decrease, etc. One good way to apply these concepts in a subtle way is use arrows in the background. These seamless arrow graphics can help with some of those ideas. Use them on your designs as a focal point or just as a faint idea in the backdrop. Arrows and pointers help guide users and lead them to a direction. Some ideas for these seamless patterns include

  • Background for upvoting or downvoting websites
  • Graphics for revenue increase or decrease
  • Abstract concepts like misdirection and confusion
  • Symbols for forward actions
  • Stock market or financial designs

Football vector tiles

Use this set of seamless football vector patterns to create your own sports-themed designs. These American football graphics were created using simple shapes, lines and circles, along with basic colors (shades of greens and browns). Various repeated patterns were used and variations on colors, like your classic grass green and red white and blue. Other variations include black and white and subtle light gray. You can use these graphics on any personal or commercial project. Some uses include:

  • Sports memorabilia designs and wallpapers
  • Football desktop backgrounds or Rugby webpage tiled backgrounds
  • American football themed parties or sports bar events
  • Flyers and banners for Super Bowl season
  • Sports equipment, team gear and uniforms
  • Retro or collectible card designs

Retro pixel patterns

Time to take a trip to the past with these old-school pixel patterns. These pixelated retro tiles were created easily with simple squares and primary colors. The use of pixel patterns is very popular to convey ideas of old technology or video game nostalgia. Pixel graphics are popular in art, video and music. Use these retro mosaic graphics to create your own multi-color 8-bit graphics. By the way, the original graphics are all scalable vector graphics, not raster (pixel) graphics. Good uses for these graphics include:

  • Retro themed wallpapers and screensavers
  • 1980’s music videos and retro gaming
  • 8-bit pixelated graphics and pixel art
  • Old technology and legacy PC games
  • Computer generated textiles

Sky and cloud patterns

Cool sky and cloud patterns to use on your next heavenly project. These cloud patterns were created in Illustrator using simple round shapes and a solid background. These cartoonish clouds can be used to decorate children-themed graphics or nature designs. The sky graphics cover various time of the day skies, including sunrise, nighttime, dawn, dusk and mid-day. Some good uses for these graphics include:

  • Baby and nursery wallpaper backgrounds
  • Clear skies and panorama graphics
  • Heaven and religious themes
  • Cloudscapes and blue skies
  • Nature and clear-ideas metaphors

Camouflage Texture Patterns

Complete your military look with these camouflage vector patterns. These patterns were created by inspecting camo textured gear and were recreated using vector art. This camouflage pack includes variations in foliage colors and different styles like pixelated camo. These tileable patterns can be scaled infinitely and will seamlessly tile for your applications. Use the digital camouflage for your retro games or military related designs. Other uses for these camouflage packs include:

  • Desert operations clothing and uniform for soldiers and military personnel
  • Homeland security patterns and print materials
  • Retro video games
  • Olive green jungle and woodland designs for hunting gear
  • Veteran-related websites and designs

Eco Friendly Vector Patterns

Get creative and be environmentally friendly with these free vector graphics. These tilable patterns were created using simple green leaf graphics. Many different patterns can easily be created with a simple graphic. In these examples a leaf is used repeatedly, and with a variety of colors to create interesting tiles. These vector graphics can be easily manipulated and adjusted for different applications, including eco-friendly designs and seasonal graphcs.  Other good uses for these seamless graphics include:

  • Animal and jungle themes for kid designs
  • Environmentally friendly and earth-friendly websites or print material
  • Green, floral and natural backgrounds
  • Organic and seasonal illustrations, such as Autumn or Fall
  • Fuel economy and energy efficient designs