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Honeycomb Hexagonal Tiles

This honeycomb vector pack was created using hexagon vector elements. In order for the hexagons to fit into a perfect square tile some small scaling had to be  applied. These hexagonal patterns can be tiled seamlessly and can be edited to match your colors. These hexagon patterns can be further modified by adding borders or removing some hexagons. Create your own abstract patterns with these tileable hexagon patterns, here are some ideas:

  • Colorful retro backgrounds
  • Futuristic backdrop designs
  • Honeycomb/bee-related patterns and illustrations
  • Hexagonal industrial and metal designs
  • Symmetrical¬†Kaleidoscope tileable graphics


Triangle Patterns

We’re back with another colorful vector pack. This vector set was easily created by incorporating small triangles and grouping them into seamless patterns. The triangular shapes can provide a wide of uses for these types of tileable patterns, from modern design trends to a retro chic look. The color variations give each tile a different feel. You can easily manipulate the colors and the graphics to create a unique set. Change the color palette on any of these patterns and create a whole new look. Here are some ideas for uses for these triangular patterns.


  • Retro mosaic wallpapers and backgrounds
  • Modern and abstract ceramic tile ideas
  • Diamond shape designs and western theme textures
  • Geometric and polygon architecture studies
  • Shiny and reflective patterns


Leopard, Cheetah and Tiger Patterns

Create your own wild graphics with this set of animal tileable patterns. This creative set features wild cat patterns, such as tigers, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars and cougars. These vector patterns were created using real animal print photos as examples. They were outlined in vector art, cleaned up and modified to make them tile seamlessly. These graphics incorporate the traditional spotted pattern and tiger stripe patterns. This set includes colorful variations to show ideas on how these prints could be used. Some other include:

  • Jungle cat and safari theme parties and invitations
  • Glam Rock, Rockabilly, 80’s and retro designs using leopard print and animal fur
  • Feline, wild cat and zoo-related illustrations
  • High-end furniture and clothing using natural, exotic and luxurious designs.
  • Teen and youth colorful wallpapers using camouflage and wildlife patterns


Tetris Seamless Tiles

If you’re a sucker for classic video games you’re going to love this tileable set. This seamless tile was inspired by the game Tetris. This popular games is about tiling blocks and forming walls. This vector set can easily be modified and the colors can be changed to match your specific designs. This colorful retro game graphic set can used in various applications such as:

  • Kid’s birthday invitations
  • Retro game websites
  • Gamer backgrounds and wallpapers
  • Banners for video game design
  • Old school and nostalgia video games


Raindrop Seamless Patterns

Make a big splash with this creative set of tileable raindrop vector backgrounds. These seamless rain patterns were created using simple vector shapes, with added borders to make the raindrops stand out. Open the vector file in your Illustrator application and modify the colors to create your unique patterns. These colorful graphics will brighten your gloomy days. These graphics can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Winter theme and rainy season banners
  • Forecast software or weather-related applications
  • Baby wallpaper backgrounds with soft teardrop designs
  • Water-related services, irrigation advertisement, sprinkler installation, any liquid-related media.
  • Dark, cloudy or gloomy related themes
  • Water parks, pool-related and splash-zone graphics


Stripe Pattern Backgrounds

Every now and then we need some colorful stripe patterns to use on websites or print materials. Download this free pattern set and change the colors to create your unique designs. The lines/stripes on this set have been grouped by color (Illustrator only) for easier editing. These colorful seamless patterns were created using simple rectangle shapes, to create the lines, and cloning each one manually to create a random look. These vertical and horizontal stripe backgrounds will tile seamlessly on any application. Some good uses of these patterns are:

  • Abstract desktop and mobile phone wallpapers
  • Retro designs and vintage illustrations
  • Decorative room wallpaper design or textured linens
  • Bright and cheerful designs, including children illustration
  • Modern look for fashion design
  • Print collateral: invitations, business cards, banners, pamphlets and more


Seamless Heart Backgrounds

Decorate with this colorful set of seamless heart vector tiles. This lovely set contains various heart-themed designs perfect for use in any valentine or romantic designs. The seamless backgrounds were created with vector files for complete control. Easily rotate, scale and change the colors of these seamless tiles and create your own valentine designs. This set of heart backgrounds can also be used in:

  • Valentine day’s promotions and packaging
  • Girly and feminine decorations
  • Romantic and amorous designs
  • Desktop and mobile phone wallpapers
  • Sexy lingerie fabric textures


Seamless Geometric Patterns

Simple geometric tiles to use on your next modern designs. These basic vector graphics were created using simple geometric shapes, including triangles, squares and circles. They can be easily modified to fit any style. These seamless backgrounds can be used in a variety of applications, from a retro designs to textile ideas. Other uses include:

  • Retro and nostalgic wallpapers
  • Decorative textures
  • Abstract designs and geometric patterns
  • Mathematical patterns
  • Fashion and interior design illustrations