Category: vector

Diamond Plate Metal Backgrounds

Download this metal background vector pack and use them on your next industrial designs. These diamond plate graphics tile seamlessly and can be adjusted to fit many designs. The metal plate backgrounds were created using vector graphics, so they can easily be flipped, rotated, scaled and modified to fit your specific design. Edit the vector file on Photoshop and add some textured elements to give the metal plates a more realistic look. These steel seamless graphics can be used in:

  • Construction and industrial websites
  • High-tech designs and banners
  • computer hardware packaging and illustration
  • Mac/apple related product designs
  • Titanium/aluminum look-and-feel
  • Desktop backgrounds and mobile phone wallpapers
  • Metallic sheets or textured garage floor patterns


Flannel Fabric Patterns

Create your own flannel patterns using these free vector graphics. Flannel textures have been around for a very long time and have recently become very trendy with young people. Flannel materials are often used in shirts, pajamas, sheets and pants. This material provides a very comfortable and warm fit. These patterns were created using vector graphics and they can easily be manipulated to create many other designs. Flannel patterns work best in:

  • Textured shirts for men and women
  • Pajama clothing and outdoor pants
  • Comfortable gear and long sleeve shirts
  • Websites for outdoor clothing or sleepwear
  • Print material for trendy or young audience
  • Country-style bedding and flannel sheets
  • Picnic tablecloth or flannel bandanas

Diamond Checker Tiles

Use this colorful set of repeating diamond shape tiles to make your designs stand out. The colors on these vector tiles can easily be manipulated and you can create infinite number of variations. Some of these tileable graphics can used in a subtle way to give an elegant feel to any design, or make them bold colors to create a fun pattern. Some good uses for these graphics are:

  • Colorful children invitations and birthday print materials
  • Elegant website background and desktop wallpapers
  • Bathroom, kitchen and interior design ideas
  • Clothing patterns and textured material designs
  • Glass-work designs and decorative mosaics

Disco Ball Background Tiles

Use the disco vector background patterns on your next retro designs. These background tiles were using creating squares with rounded corners, then using random colors to simulate a reflection. You can further improve these vector tiles by adding gradients, glimmers, shines or flash elements. All graphics tiles seamlessly. These vector graphics can be used in:

  • Retro party invitations
  • Disco and 70’s related flyers, banners and websites
  • Retro or modern style kitchen tile ideas
  • Hotel print collateral and promotions
  • Phone and computer desktop wallpapers

Snowflakes Seamless Patterns

This set contains a variety of colorful snowflakes tileable pattens. These graphics can be easily modified with any vector application such as Adobe Illustrator. Easily manipulate the colors and repeating patterns. These graphics can be used in:

  • Xmas cards and decorations
  • holiday wallpapers
  • winter banners and promotions
  • Christmas themes and desktop backgrounds

Checker Vector Tiles

This is the first set of free vector graphics. This vector pack contains a variety of checkered graphics, from basic dark checkers to bright colorful tiles. These graphics can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Desktop wallpapers
  • Phone, mobile backgrounds
  • software patterns
  • racing checkered flags