Flannel Fabric Patterns

Create your own flannel patterns using these free vector graphics. Flannel textures have been around for a very long time and have recently become very trendy with young people. Flannel materials are often used in shirts, pajamas, sheets and pants. This material provides a very comfortable and warm fit. These patterns were created using vector graphics and they can easily be manipulated to create many other designs. Flannel patterns work best in:

  • Textured shirts for men and women
  • Pajama clothing and outdoor pants
  • Comfortable gear and long sleeve shirts
  • Websites for outdoor clothing or sleepwear
  • Print material for trendy or young audience
  • Country-style bedding and flannel sheets
  • Picnic tablecloth or flannel bandanas


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Flannel Fabric Patterns
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2 comments on “Flannel Fabric Patterns

  1. ann jackson on


    Wanted to design my own flannel pajamas–using a flannel pattern with my cats’ pictures.
    Can you do this?


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