Retro pixel patterns

Time to take a trip to the past with these old-school pixel patterns. These pixelated retro tiles were created easily with simple squares and primary colors. The use of pixel patterns is very popular to convey ideas of old technology or video game nostalgia. Pixel graphics are popular in art, video and music. Use these retro mosaic graphics to create your own multi-color 8-bit graphics. By the way, the original graphics are all scalable vector graphics, not raster (pixel) graphics. Good uses for these graphics include:

  • Retro themed wallpapers and screensavers
  • 1980’s music videos and retro gaming
  • 8-bit pixelated graphics and pixel art
  • Old technology and legacy PC games
  • Computer generated textiles


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Retro pixel patterns
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  • Adobe Illustrator source file (.ai )
  • EPS vector file (.eps)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)
  • Thumbnail (.jpeg)
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